When a photojournalist comes to town…

These are all photos taken by my friend Alli Kwesell, who’s an accomplished photojournalist. She’s recently done a lot of work for the Rotary polio campaign in India, and has close ties to clubs in Tennessee, where she’s been living for the past few years. Check out her website to see more of her work.

The pictures were taken from the balcony of my apartment and in or around the library of the Institut Français de Casablanca.


3 responses to “When a photojournalist comes to town…

  1. caroline

    I had never seen them!!! How great 🙂 Cannot wait to come visit! J’aime particulièrement la photo de toi, la dernière!

  2. Thanks for sharing your work. I am teaching (3 yrs now) at GWA Casa, (well, actually Hay Hassani and you know its not the same) Art Department. Next september … if you remain, I’d like to have you visit and share with the Journalism class. Thanks, Tom

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