Ambassadorial Scholarship

The Ambassadorial Scholarship is a cultural and academic exchange program of the Rotary Foundation.

Ambassadorial scholars receive a grant to be used towards the cost of living as a full-time student. The amount of the scholarship is the same wherever you study, whether you go to Casablanca or London.

There is a long list of host countries to choose from, limited only by the lack of Rotary Clubs in an area and issues of safety or politics.

Scholars serve as “Ambassadors of Goodwill,” representing their country, the Rotary, and the Rotarian ideal of Service Above Self. For the sake of cultural exchange and cultivating an international Rotary community, we visit and speak to Rotary Clubs before we leave, while in our host country, and after we return.

The Rotary Foundation has several cultural, academic, and vocational exchange programs, but the wonderful thing about the Ambassadorial Scholarship program is its flexibility. The only official requirements of the program concern the number of visits to Rotary Clubs.

But wait! This does not mean that the Ambassadorial Scholarship program is for just anyone who wants to study abroad. Here are some guidelines for a successful application and (what I think would be) a fruitful couple of years of working with the Rotary:

    -Commitment to community service and a vision for a “greater good:” You must have an interest not only in helping yourself and your future career but in making a substantial contribution towards a more equal and peaceful world;
    -interest in reaching out to and learning from people, including, but not limited to, Rotarians;

Who is eligible?
You must have an undergraduate degree and proficiency in the language of study of your requested host country.

How do I get started?
The application process is very, very lengthy. The first step is to contact your local Rotary clubs and ask if they might be interested in sponsoring your application. Several months later, you would submit a written application and formally request their sponsorship. If you pass this stage, your sponsoring club will help you with the rest. Ultimately, you will compete at the district level for one scholarship, based on your written application and a panel interview. If selected, you will leave a year later (unless you apply to study in a different hemisphere).

For more information and a look at the written application, check out the Rotary Foundation website:


One response to “Ambassadorial Scholarship

  1. sarah

    Hi there, I am interested in applying for a rotary scholarship and I just wanted some guidance from someone who has been through the process. Can I ask, what was your proposal? what advice do you have as I go through the process? any resources that you recommend I look at? Any information that you can provide would be IMMENSELY appreciated!

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