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(January 2014)

Update: Thanks for visiting! You’ll notice that there have been no updates for a little while. After spending ten months in Casablanca, followed by two years in Montreal, Québec (Canada) to obtain my Master’s in Urban Planning, I have returned to my hometown, Chicago, to pursue a career in community development. 

Dernières nouvelles: Merci pour votre visite! Vous remarquerez que je n’ai rien écrit de nouveau depuis un certain temps. Après avoir passé dix mois à Casablanca, suivi de deux ans à Montréal, Québec (Canada) où j’ai obtenu mon Master en Urbanisme de l’Université de McGill, je suis de retour à Chicago. J’y compte poursuivre une carrière dans le milieu associatif. 

(Winter 2009)

This is my first blog, dedicated to the next two years of my life. It focuses on two main themes:

1) My upcoming trip to Morocco and all the millions of things to study and think about in preparation for a year in Casablanca; and

2) My exploration of a possible career in urban development.

This blog combines personal accounts, book and event reviews, and social commentary.

I’ll mostly write in English, but French may be called for sometimes and inshallah I will start to inject some Moroccan derija.

To follow this blog you don’t need to know a whole lot about Morocco, the Middle East, Chicago, or urban planning. My aim is to record observations, connect with other people interested in travel and intercultural exchange, and, as an Ambassadorial Scholar, share information about my host community and community of origin. **I urge you to leave your comments and thoughts on what you see here.** My hope is that we can use this blog as a forum for not only keeping in touch as friends but also dialoguing about the issues we’re interested in.

the banner…
Ptitaptit’s banner is a part of the Casablanca skyline. To the left you can see the top of the minaret of the Hassan II mosque, the third largest in the world.


6 responses to “On this blog

  1. Elysa Hammond

    Hi Kathleen,
    Wonderful information, wonderful writing –and you’ve now given me a new appreciation for the Rotary club, an organization that was never before on my radar.
    I think urban development is a promising career option — here’s how I see it through my ever-green glasses: http://webecoist.com/2009/03/02/beyond-green-roofs-15-vertically-vegetated-buildings/ I love this stuff.

    I look forward to following your adventures and learning from your insights.

    Sending you a hug from NY.

  2. Rachid Aboulwafa

    Hi Kathleen
    My name is Rachid, your father and I work together in Hawaii, Since Iam a native to Casablanca he,s been talking to me about your trip there, I found what you,re doing is extremly interesting.
    I will be in Casablanca from june 19 to july 15.leave me a message on my email adress let me know when you,re gonna be there.

  3. Vago

    Congratulations on your nomination as one of the Best of Morocco Blogs. We just want to remind you that the voting will begin at midnight on the 7th of January at http://www.moroccoblogs.com. Please make sure that our listing for your site is correct and encourage all of your fans to vote for you! You can get the Nominated badge by downloading it from MoroccoBlogs. Also, be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook at http://www.facebook.com/moroccoblogs and http://www.twitter.com/moroccoblogs

  4. Orucly

    Hey you!!

    I was curious about my subscribers and thus, came across your blog. Let me tell you that you’re doing a fine fine work in here my young lady and that you’ve just won a dedicated reader, eager commenter and garbage collector 8B

    Have a nice day!

  5. Dear Kathleen,
    Your blog is very interesting, you seem to have managed to be part of the Casablanca population. I hope that you are aware of the African Perspectives conference, taking place in Casa 3-5 November this year. Please visit http://www.african-perspectives.com, as well as http://www.archiafrika.org. ArchiAfrika organises the conference in close collaboration with l’ecole superieure de l’architecture de casablanca and Casamemoire. Hope to meet you there or even before! Don’t hesitate to hand in an abstract before 15th May!

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