Thanks for voting!

Voting closed on February 7th for Best Blogs of Morocco. There are several blogging contests in Morocco, and this one is mostly for blogs written by expats.

Petit à Petit didn’t win, but came in second place by a pretty narrow margin. Thank you so much for your votes!

I highly recommend checking out the winner’s blog, Life in Marrakesh. It’s well written, interesting, updated often, and definitely worthy of the Best Blog title. Her “About:”

Hello, marhaba, assalamu alaykum and greetings of peace!

Some things about me:

1-My name is Nora.
2-I was born in Sale, Morocco.
3-But my parents are from California.
4-I grew up in Marrakesh (a city in Morocco).
5-I went to bilingual schools growing up (Arabic/French).
6-Then I went to the University of New Mexico. I got degrees in Math and Spanish.
7-I met my sweetheart when we were 17 and 18, respectively.
8-We married 3 years later.
9-We have 3 children. Thank you God.
10-We’d love to live on a farm.
11-Favorite projects with the kids include: wrestling, reading, cooking, and doing complicated projects involving beads.
12-Ok, introducing myself has always been exhausting, so I’ll stop now.

My interests: beautiful things, being still, being healthy, being of service, creating a beautiful home, learning how to teach English, creating community, listening to my kids, seeing fully.



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4 responses to “Thanks for voting!

  1. Kathleen, this is really sweet and kind and generous of you. For me one of the best things about the contest was discovering your blog. I’ve become a regular reader and I always find something stimulating or inspiring here.
    Again, thank you for your kindness and goodwill.

  2. Hi Nora,
    We are thinking of travelling to your country so I have been checking out a few blogs.
    I have just looked at and enjoyed ‘a flavour of Morocco’ from your blog.
    Thank you for some interesting posts and greetings of peace.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Jeni, Thanks for reading, I’m glad you enjoy this blog. I’m actually Kathleen, though, Nora’s blog is the one linked on this post: Life in Marrakesh.

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