Moroccan culture on display, for Moroccans

A regional cultural fair, held at the Ben M’Sik campus yesterday. Tables were set up to display food, traditional clothes, jewelery, and fact sheets about regions all over Morocco. A school friend of mine remarked that she recognized almost nothing, except some clothes from the North of Morocco, where she’s from.

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One response to “Moroccan culture on display, for Moroccans

  1. Imane

    first of all I would like to congratulate for sharing your view about the Moroccan – American cultures with us. in every article I have read, I feel a breat of cooperation and tolerance that tie between the 2 cultures despite many aspects of difference. za3ma tbark lah 3lik. Secondly, the fact that u chose English facilitates building the bridge of communication to foreign readers. finally, i have a question ? are you a students at this faculty

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