I’m still buzzing with excitement from a weekend with friends to celebrate Thanksgiving and my birthday. I turned 26 last Monday, which is the day of the week worst suited to celebrating a birthday properly. So on Saturday Annemarie and Jacob came from Rabat to help me put together my funnest day in Casablanca so far.

I didn’t subject my guests to the practice of “giving thanks” publicly, although I consider it a great accomplishment to have gotten so many people to decorate my wall with drawings of turkeys.

When only a few Americans were left, late into the night, we had a Thanksgiving check-in.

Every day, Arabic speakers say “hamdulilah!”, thanks be to God, but on Thanksgiving we talk about being thankful. Just, you know, generally. Leave the details to those who want to give specific shout-outs, but Thanksgiving is a secular holiday.

I will tell you (the internet) what I told my friends when I took out the colored pencils and glue-on googly-eyes a few nights ago: “I know this is corny but…”

I’m thankful for my family and support system back home. I’m thankful that I can travel freely, even though I acknowledge that it’s unfair. Sometimes I can’t believe that the Rotary invested so much in me, but I’m thankful that they did. I’m thankful to have landed among such cool and engaged students at Ben M’Sik, and that they’ve accepted me as one of their own. I’m also thankful that they appreciate my sense of humor… I’m thankful for good Moroccan friends who make this year interesting, and also for good American friends for providing a small piece of home.

I am thankful for the internet.

Seriously, though.


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2 responses to “Thanks

  1. natalie03

    In class today I demonstrated the hand-traced turkey technique on the board with colored chalk. I think it was a hit. I also explained “gobble, gobble”.

  2. annemarie

    love it! i’m thankful for you and jacob and kelly (even if we don’t get to see him so much;)!!!

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