New modes of circulation in Rabat

I was in Rabat last weekend and I got to re-take some pictures that I’d lost on my first trip (earlier post: “Which is better, Rabat or Casa?”)

Tramway construction is well under way in Rabat, and in some places is in test-run mode.

In the meantime, this particular tramway route serves as a pedestrian-friendly area along the walls of the medina. It’s a rare open space where people don’t have to compete with cars, and during my walk I didn’t see so much as a moped or donkey cart. It’s not meant as a pedestrian hang-out spot, and there isn’t much along the road besides some bench-like structures right near the wall.

In some spots it’s clear that the tramway track area is not meant for circulation, but the fence that encloses those areas can easily be pushed aside. It’s just too useful an alternative to the very busy Hassan II boulevard, which runs parallel to the wall, or the inside of the medina, which is congested all day long, to resist the shortcut.

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