Halloween in Casablanca

This afternoon I walked over to Alfa 55, which I can best describe as a cross between a discount store, like Walmart and a 6-story department store, like Macy’s. I was looking for a date book, something which I had somehow forgotten that you need when you’re taking classes, and that you badly need when you’re taking ten classes at once.

Anyway, here’s what I came across on the second floor!

I’m not so sure I can offer any insight into this, because I’ve never really understood how you celebrate Halloween in a place where everyone doesn’t do Halloween. Doesn’t there need to be some kind of critical mass of Halloween-celebrators to properly honor the occasion?

I can tell you this much: there are no trick-or-treaters in the street. Which can only mean that people dress up and then hang out in private.

But then…isn’t that just a costume party?


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Filed under American culture, Casablanca, cultural understanding

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