adjusting…’imik simik’

Classes have started, there’s work to be done at Sister Cities, I’m attending Rotaract meetings, and last week I met my first Rotarians outside of Mr. Mazoz. In the midst of so much activity, all of a sudden, I’m faced with the possibility of not finishing everything I want to do this year. Surprise, surprise…

I’ve entered some kind of phase of culture shock, though it might be easier to identify once I’ve moved on to the next phase. In any case this one can be characterized by homesickness (made all the more intense by the fact that I recently saw my family in France) and a feeling of insignificance in the face of so much to absorb and learn, understand and interpret. This is why I haven’t posted in awhile, though tonight I resolved to post something, anything, to get back into the rhythm.

You’ll notice that I’ve added a banner signifying that this is one of Go!Overseas’s top ten Morocco travel blogs. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to give them the free advertising, but figured that in light of the advertising this does for me, it’s a pretty fair trade. (Go!Overseas is a site that assembles information on how to study, work, or volunteer all over the world.)

In time, I’ll offer more details on what has made me so busy—starting, soon, with my classes. In the meantime, in keeping with the theme of the blog and my mantra for times like these: a video of Hindi Zahra singing “Imik Simik.” The title means, you guessed it, “little by little” in Tashel7it, one of the Amazighi, a.k.a. Berber, dialects of Morocco.

Translation (translated from this article):

– imik simik : little by little
– afoss rofoss : hand in hand
– wink d winou : yours and mine
– ira nftou : we’ll go
– lir tssfa tassa inou lir tsssfa oualine inou : when my faith becomes clear, when my eyes become clear
– lir toumzète affoss inou arar aoui yi dik : when you take my hand, just take me with you

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One response to “adjusting…’imik simik’

  1. Ana-Maria

    Love the song/style/voice. Merci!

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