the class schedule is in…

I got my class schedule today! We’ll be starting officially this coming Monday.

Here’s what I’ll be taking:

    -Religion and Ethnicity Issues
    -Language Policy in Morocco and the U.S.
    -American Travelers in the Maghreb
    -Translation II
    -Issues in Moroccan-American Politics
    -The Maghreb in American Cinema
    -The Theory and History of Travel
    -Language Variation and Change

It looks like I might finally be watching this movie, then…



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5 responses to “the class schedule is in…

  1. J

    Language policy?!?!?! Swoon.

    • Kathleen

      Jon when I told Thomas that you’d just graduated from law school, he seemed almost disappointed that you hadn’t continued with linguistics. Puisque tu avais “rédigé un très bon mémoire à ce sujet.” Incidentally, I thought of you once or twice when I was riding the métro or RER and heard announcements in Spanish, German, English, etc…

  2. Ana-Maria

    8 classes?!!?!!!?
    You’ll have to share your knowledge with us.

    • Kathleen

      I know! Each class is once a week. It’s a different format than what I’m used to, for sure. I’ll let you know how it goes…

  3. This is perfect!!! You are going to have a fantastic year!!!

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