First tagine at the apartment!

I spent the day with Alli, an American friend and fellow Rotary groupie, and my roommate Fatima. The three of us went on a trip to the souq and the butcher’s to stock up on ingredients for a really tasty dinner, prepared by my roommate.

Chicken with chickpeas and raisins, spiced with cinnamon, saffron, and ginger. Served with bread, of course. For dessert, choice of pomegranate, raisins, or apples.*
* OK not raisins, but grapes. The French side of my brain is taking over the American side.

* * *
Alli is a photojournalist who’s done some work on the Rotary Polio Campaign in India. Fatima is a Franco-Moroccan exchange student for the year, and a sweetheart of a roommate.



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5 responses to “First tagine at the apartment!

  1. Maman

    Dis, tu m’en feras une un jour?

  2. Karl

    It looks delicious…but where are the dessert raisens, Kathleen? Hmm?

  3. Miamiiiiiii yummmyyy!!!!j’arrive!!! 😉

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