Today for lunch: pastilla!

Here’s an example of a special, as in Not Everyday Moroccan dish. Traditionally, the recipe calls for pigeon, but today’s was made with chicken. I got a list of the basic ingredients while we ate lunch.

Usually I’ll just pipe up in the middle of a family conversation, apropos of nothing, with remarks about the food: Is that peanut I’m tasting? (actually, it’s almond, mixed in with the chicken) Hm, there’s a lot of butter at the bottom. Delicious! That’s cinnamon! That’s sugar–how do you say powdered sugar?

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One response to “Pastilla

  1. Karl

    So in Spanish, “pastilla” means “pill”, as well as a bunch of other things ( Do you think that there’s any relation to Spanish cuisine or is the name coincidental?

    Looks delicious, by the way. What meal did you eat it for?

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