The before shot:

Henna designs are drawn using a syringe filled with henna paste. Henna, which is a powder that comes from a root, is mixed with water, sometimes olive oil, maybe a lemon, some cloves, etc. You leave it on the skin to dry.

Then you peel it off. Here is the after shot:

This is just one of the kinds of designs people-well, women, really- put on their hands and feet. I’m told henna has properties that are good for your skin and hair.


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2 responses to “Henna!

  1. Ooh, I didn’t realize that was a Morrocan tradition as well. So pretty:) (And you managed not to smear it, which is more than I could ever do!)

  2. Abdelhay Haddadi

    oHH so Nice ^^ ” Bessaha w raha “” :-)))

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