Culture Shock!

Here’s a video I came across today of an international MBA candidate’s PowerPoint presentation to other international students. Dan Fishel explains the phenomenon of culture shock and its stages, which should be helpful to anyone who spends time abroad.

He also has some interesting points about adjusting to American culture specifically.

I just finished reading Culture Shock! Morocco: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette. It’s part of a series of anti travel guides (Culture Shock! USA, Culture Shock! France, etc) that give a broad view of culture and etiquette. I’m not sure how much of this you can understand without first having traveled to a country and collected your own first hand account of, say, how French people take food very, very seriously. In any case it reminded me of a few things I noticed when I was in Rabat in 2005. Like what? Meh, stay tuned. I’ll have some hopefully keen cultural observations about Morocco starting in about…45 days, now.

Mostly, reading the book pumped me up for my trip at the end of August.

Here’s that video: Culture Shock


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