Visiting my sponsoring Rotary Club: Chicago Far North RC

Earlier this week I visited my sponsor Rotary Club, Chicago Far North, to update them on my activities since last summer, when I first applied and won the Ambassadorial Scholarship.

The wonderful members of the Chicago Far North Rotary Club, June 8th, 2010

I heard about this scholarship once or twice in college, but at the time I was waiting to hear back about my Fulbright proposal and balked at waiting another couple of years to go back to Morocco. (I ended up being picked as an alternate for the Fulbright fellowship)

Two years ago, a couple of people suggested that I seriously consider the Rotary scholarship. One is a former Ambassadorial Scholar to Chicago, from France, and the other, a friend-of-friends, was a brand new member of the Chicago Far North RC when she suggested that I reach out to her Rotary Club. Talking to people who were familiar with the Rotary, and this scholarship, made it feel much more accessible. I’m looking forward to spending a year in Morocco thanks to their encouragement and the support of Chicago Far North RC once the application was underway.

(If you’re interested in applying for this scholarship but are unsure how to get started, please feel free to contact me.)

For more pictures of my visit to Chicago Far North RC…

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