I went to Beloit to make my first Casaouia friend

I spent Saturday in Beloit, WI, where after a few months of email and facebook contact, I finally met my new friend from Casablanca. She has spent this past year at Beloit College as a Fulbright scholar, teaching Fus’ha. In a couple of weeks she’ll be heading home to Casa. She’s been a teacher since way before receiving her fellowship to come to the U.S. In fact, my Casaouia friend also used to teach at…Lycée LeCedre! The very school that has an exchange program with Lincoln Elementary School here in Chicago.

l3alm saghir! !العلم سغير

I can tell she’s a teacher just in the way that she patiently indulged me in some conversation in derija. She’s a pro language partner, and a really cool girl.

It’s thanks to my conversation with her on Saturday that I dreamt in derija last night!



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4 responses to “I went to Beloit to make my first Casaouia friend

  1. erin

    did you end up looking into this because i mentioned beloit’s program?

    • Kathleen

      Actually, no! We got in contact via email through a friend of my family. But I have seen a lot online about Beloit’s Arabic program, especially the summer immersion program.

  2. Thank you my dear for this, it was a pleasure getting to know you my dear. I am really honored to meet you and I am soooo happy that you’re coming to Casablanca and that we can spend time together inshAllah. I look forward to it :).

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